binucleate cell


English-Chinese Dictionary of Agriculture (英汉农业大词典). 2013.

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  • Cell — The basic structural and functional unit in people and all living things. Each cell is a small container of chemicals and water wrapped in a membrane. Each cell in the human body there are 100 trillion cells in each of us contains the entire… …   Medical dictionary

  • binucleate — /buy nooh klee it, ayt , nyooh /, adj. Cell Biol. having two nuclei. Also, binuclear, binucleated. [1880 85; BI 1 + NUCLEATE] * * * …   Universalium

  • binucleate — n. cell with two nuclei …   English contemporary dictionary

  • binucleate — [bʌɪ nju:klɪət] adjective Biology (of a cell) having two nuclei …   English new terms dictionary

  • binucleate — bi•nu•cle•ate [[t]baɪˈnu kli ɪt, ˌeɪt, ˈnyu [/t]] also bi•nu′cle•ar, bi•nu′cle•at ed, adj. cbl (of a cell) having two nuclei • Etymology: 1880–85 …   From formal English to slang

  • Sternberg-Reed cell — n REED STERNBERG CELL * * * (Reed Sternberg cell) a large binucleate cell that is characteristic of Hodgkin s disease. C. Sternberg (1872 1935), Austrian pathologist; D. Reed Mendenhall (1874 1964), US pathologist …   Medical dictionary

  • Sternberg-Reed cell — Reed Sternberg cell a large binucleate cell that is characteristic of Hodgkin s disease [Sternberg (1872–1935), Austrian pathologist; D. Reed Mendenhall (1874–1964), US pathologist] …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Reed-Sternberg cell — A type of cell that appears in patients with Hodgkin s disease. The number of these cells increases as the disease advances. * * * Reed Stern·berg cell rēd stərn bərg n a binucleate or multinucleate acidophilic giant cell found in the tissues in… …   Medical dictionary

  • clamp connection — In many basidiomycete fungi a short lateral branch of a binucleate cell develops. This is the developing clamp connection. One of the nuclei migrates into it. Both nuclei then undergo simultaneous mitosis so that one end of the cell contains two… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Cytokinesis — A cell that has almost completed cytokinesis. An arrow points to a centrosome that can still be seen …   Wikipedia

  • fungus — fungic /fun jik/, adj. funguslike, adj. /fung geuhs/, n., pl. fungi /fun juy, fung guy/, funguses, adj. n. 1. any of a diverse group of eukaryotic single celled or multinucleate organisms that live by decomposing and absorbing the organic… …   Universalium

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